LOOMDATA @ Schmitz Textiles

In the beginning of 2018 the following newsletter of Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co. KG in Emsdetten/Germany informed about the completion of the step-by-step implementation of LOOMDATA in their production.

We would like to thank Schmitz Textiles for giving us the possibility to present this report on our website, as well as for our good cooperation.


"Last LOOMDATA stage in production"

At the end of February 2018 the last stage of the introduction of LOOMDATA in our production was taken with the integration of Inspection and Finishing. Now we have rolled out a consistent, future-oriented system across the board. We look back on busy and intensive months for all parties involved and are now continuing with the continuous improvement of functions along the entire value chain.

Our long-standing LOOMDATA partners Mr. Aquilini and Mr. Matern also look back on the completion of the integration with pleasure. They mentioned the complexity of Schmitz production due to the high variance and continuous process chain as a special challenge.

The complexity is illustrated by these figures: over 50 reporting points or reporting stations along the process chain. On average, 5'500 messages are sent per month.

After this final stage in production, we will continue elsewhere: In addition to the optimization of existing processes, the introduction of the calculation module in LOOMDATA is scheduled for 2018.