LOOMDATA Version 5.1


In the middle of October we released LOOMDATA Version 5.1 which is now available to all of our customers.

As a highlight we implemented a new tool named Shift Editor. This tool gives the possibility of correcting the production data mentioned below.

  • Recorded shifts in shiftless time

  • Incorrect assignment in ran shifts

  • Wrong data in ran shifts

  • Missing shifts due to missing shift planning

  • Missing data due to system failures


See Highlights in our wiki.loomdata.com to learn more about the new features in version 5.1. Many things have been improved and minor software bugs have been eliminated.

Our Release Notes informs, as usual, about the preconditions and installation of our new software.

For our customers with a maintenance contract, the new version is free. That means, you will only have to pay for the costs of installation and training.

For our customers without a maintenance contract we offer the new version as an upgrade at a competitive price.

Please contact us if you wish to make an appointment for installation or if you wish to receive further information.