ZETA DATATEC and our partners offer you a service which covers the whole life span of our solutions:

  • Pre-sales support by analyses and project planning.
  • Sample installation and put into operation.
  • Training of users, system administrators and interface programmers.
  • Development of customer-specific software.
  • Creation of customer-specific working paper (SAP Crystal Reports).
  • Delivery of spare parts.
  • Process- and organization workshops.
  • Hotline and remote support.



Maintenance contract

Choosing our software maintenance contract gives you the possibility to always keep your software up to date and you don't have to pay for any update. You will get the right to receive new software (releases, patches, revisions) containing new functions, improvement of existing programs and correction of software bugs. Furthermore, you will benefit from our support hotline:

  • During our support times we will answer all of your questions concerning the operation and application of our systems.
  • Errors and other problems can be analyzed and solved by using remote connections.
  • Fast response in case of critical problems.
  • The number of support cases is not limited.

The calculation of the maintenance fee is based on the licensed program parts and the the number of users and will be charged quarterly.




Our wiki includes manuals for users and system administrators, installation and configuration instructions for setting up LOOMDATA products, as well as OpenSystem programming instructions.

Access to LOOMDATA Wiki is restricted to registered users. If you do not yet have an user account you can apply with this link:

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