Team excursion in April 2014

Team excursion in April 2014


Having installed more than 550 systems in 50 different countries around the world, our 30+ years of experience in providing powerful monitoring and planning solutions for the textile and other industries has given us the ability to produce the most stable and reliable system in the world today.




LOOMDATA is designed as a standard product. The quick and easy starting up and the efficient maintenance and development of the software is in the foreground, which offers the customer advantages over years.

Custom-built adaptation will be realized at exact defined interfaces and access points (User Functions). This assures, that adaptations to new versions will not produce big efforts.

Our established hard- and software will be selected well-directed and it must be characterized by longevity and availability. For the handling we assume a minimum know-how from the customer.




Built-in the base functionality you will find the sophisticated OpenSystem Interface. This interface allows you to access the LOOMDATA data with SQL. Our specialists help you designing and implementing interfaces to third party systems.

Customized tickets or reports are built using SAP Crystal Reports directly by the customer or our specialists. These tickets will be printed automatically by LOOMDATA or on request.




We were participating in the following exhibitions:

ITMA 2019 in Barcelona (ES)

ITM 2016 in Istanbul (TR)

ITMA 2015 in Milano (IT)

ITMA 2011 in Barcelona (ES)

ITME 2008 in Bangalore (IN)

ITMA 2007 in München (DE)

ITMA 2003 in Birmingham (GB)





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